Mutual Fund Distribution Testimonial - Col Tandale

Mutual Fund Distribution Testimonial - Col Tandale

At a time when mutual fund investments have just started catching peoples’ attention, it is important that people from this industry put efforts to maintain and grow this interest by helping as many people to invest in mutual funds. Evidently, mutual fund distributors have an important role to play in this. 

A mutual fund distributor is someone who helps people in buying & selling mutual funds, suggests mutual fund schemes based on risk appetite and financial needs and guides them regularly on the performance of their investments. 

As a mutual fund distributor, one has to juggle between multiple tasks, from promoting mutual funds, researching various schemes, completing documentation for clients, solving their queries and much more. In order to grow a business, one needs support and backing in terms of intellectual capital. NJ Wealth, one of India’s largest mutual fund distribution platforms offers such support to more than 29000 active distributors all over India as on January end, 2023. NJ provides the distributors with a business platform through which they can offer products and services to their clients 100% digitally. 

To expand the business and widen the client base, NJ Wealth offers its partners 360 degree support in terms of marketing, sales, technology and more. Out of 29000 active partners, some of them have been associated with NJ right from the beginning. Those who have been NJ Wealth Distributors for more than a decade can surely tell you how NJ has played a crucial role in expanding their businesses and shaping their lives. 

Let’s dive deep into the success story of one such NJ Wealth’s mutual fund distributor and understand why it is important to associate with a distribution platform like NJ. 

“NJ helped me transform from my military career to becoming a full fledged mutual fund distributor. With NJ’s support I have been able to find success as an entrepreneur in an industry that was alien to me.” - Col Tandale 

When did you begin your journey as a mutual fund distributor with NJ? 

Somewhere around 2005 when the new millennia had begun, that is the 21st century, a lot of people were thinking about new opportunities and they were also anxious about how the future will unfold. It was at that point of time when my wife had almost spent 10 years in the financial distribution space through her own career and the idea was shared with her by one of her friends about NJ Wealth. She discussed the idea with me, we evaluated it and we went on to deliberate on this idea.

This was the era when all the work was being done in physical form. All the manual paperwork accounted for a lot of time in my day. Since everything was being done manually, every minute detail of the paperwork required a great deal of attention. The slightest error in the paperwork would mean rejection and doing everything again from scratch. However, we noticed that as the world and its way of conducting business was changing, NJ was also changing, making its technology platform stronger with years passing by. We realized that to conduct the mutual fund distribution business we would need very strong internal processes. 

How did NJ help you in your journey as a mutual fund distributor? 

NJ helped me transform from my military career to becoming a full fledged mutual fund distributor. When I decided to take the plunge, I started brainstorming on validating and improving our processes while getting reviews and feedback from other investors. Through this, we were able to minimize the time spent on tedious paperwork and focus on more vital areas of the business.

Despite working long hours on weekdays and weekends, we were enjoying our work because the work that we do is helping the people of India. Even the middle class of the country who have been new to the world of growing their money through investment tools other than fixed income streams have witnessed positives in investing for needs. I feel empowered when I can play a vital role in creating wealth and financial assessment for these people. The positive I see in it is that I’m not only helping them, but I am helping their coming generations. This particular feeling subsides all other feelings and makes every effort I make smaller. This feeling has encouraged me and motivated me to put in extra effort and hours, and time and again I have witnessed the positive results. I can say one thing with confidence that, if anyone wants to help people through the route of financial distribution then choosing NJ, one of India’s largest mutual fund distributor is the right path to follow. In the end, I would like to say that I hope our country strengthens, prospers and witnesses growth. With that said, I hope that NJ Group and all the NJ Partners also keep growing exponentially.

If you would like to hear more about his journey, please click the video below where he shares a detailed version of his story.