As a Mutual Fund Distributor, Why You Should Join NJ Wealth?

Why You Should Join NJ Wealth

Here’s an interesting fact! People in India are increasingly investing in mutual funds, making it one of the top investment choices in the present day. As on 30th November 2022, the Asset Under Management (AUM) of Mutual fund Industry is 40,37,561 Crores. The AUM is expected to grow up to 100,00,000 Crores by the end of 2030. As we see, the mutual fund industry has tremendous potential to grow multifold, as the penetration of mutual funds investment in India is still low.

India’s population is more than 134 Crores out of which more than 75 Crore people own a bank account. From this, only 3.5 Crore people invest in mutual funds, as on 30th November 2022. Given the huge market size and organised investment medium such as mutual funds, there lies a great opportunity to make a career in this field. There is a great demand of mutual fund distributors in the industry, as more people are needed to increase the awareness about mutual funds and facilitate the mutual fund investing journey for the new investors. Presently, there are only 1.3 lakh mutual fund distributors versus 25 lakh insurance advisors in India.

By becoming a mutual fund distributor, one can impart knowledge about mutual fund investment to the mass and help them buy/sell mutual funds in India.

Building one’s own business and promoting mutual funds to a huge market demands a lot of resources. To get a head start in their business and have full-fledged support, many distributors join NJ Wealth, which offers them extensive services to make new clients and manage existing ones.  

NJ Wealth is one of India's largest mutual distributor network with over 28000 active distribution partners. It started small in 2003 and gradually spread its business all over India, with presence in 150+ locations in 19 different states. Today, more than 24,87,535 investors are associated with NJ Wealth and together with its distributors, NJ wealth has over INR 1,34,562 Cr. of mutual fund assets under management.

One of the main mission of NJ Wealth is to provide better investment opportunities and financial services to the common people of India. Through its partners, NJ Wealth offers a comprehensive product basket and various other services to a wide set of investors. To help its partners in growing business, NJ Wealth provides a completely digital and extensive business platform that provides solutions to partners’ every need and requirement like making people aware about financial products and promoting them further. NJ Wealth has managed to successfully transform the lives of many small and big distributors.

Backed by high levels of excellence in operational and service standards, NJ Wealth offers customers and its Partners, with solutions that truly make a difference. NJ offers a wide range of financial products under one window such as Mutual Funds, PMS, Bonds & FD, NPS, Loans against MF, direct equity and Exchange Traded Funds.

The support offered by NJ wealth to distributors or NJ Wealth Partners is end-to-end.  NJ provides a unique 360 degree platform to its partners for managing and developing wealth distributor businesses. 

- Sales Support: NJ sets a dedicated relationship manager to support the partners in their business development through regular product training, knowledge enhancement, business planning, client meetings and regular monitoring.

- Training Support: There is a very strong focus on training partners and sessions happen very frequently - both online and offline.

- Technology Solutions: Apart from the wide product basket of financial products available from day one, the platform also provides the necessary technology ecosystem to get the business going. It includes:

  • Partner desk which is a complete business management platform for NJ partners.
  • CRM desk for managing leads and interaction with clients.
  • NJ client desk for complete wealth management. From here, clients can avail reports related to the latest valuation, Profit and Loss, and transactions. The client desk also creates a distinct brand image for the Partner.
  • E-wealth accounts for clients, which is a comprehensive online platform for investors to access, record and manage their entire investment portfolio across multiple assets and products for the entire family in a single place.

- Marketing Support: Apart from this, there is also very strong marketing support with everything from print media to digital media which includes visiting cards, flyers to websites to digital marketing support.

- Customer Care: NJ also provides dedicated customer care or query management support which gives freedom to partners from query handling.

Moreover, NJ also supports its partners for the NISM Mutual Fund V-A exam by providing study material, online NISM VA training, a comprehensive online mock test and a revision kit. 

From day 1 of association, NJ Partners are encouraged to work towards fulfilment of Client's Life Goals through an in-depth analysis of the Client's Needs, Risk Appetite, and Time and through proper Asset Allocation. Like Medical Professionals undergoing CME (Continuous Medical Education), NJ Partners have the wonderful opportunity to undergo various Training Modules, Webinars, and Live Seminars/Sessions conducted by Industry Experts which provide the latest updates/insights about the industry. It also provides complete back office & technology support which enables the partners to provide much-needed services to their clients all over the globe. The idea is to let the partners focus on customer acquisition and servicing while NJ takes care of back office, CRM, marketing and technology needs.

NJ is the best mutual fund distributor platform to manage your business. By joining the platform, you can provide an enhanced experience to your customers. So, associate with one of India's largest platform to multiply your productivity and grow your business multifold.