Successful Career as a Mutual Fund Distributor

We all have observed how the mutual fund industry in India has grown significantly in recent years and has become a powerful force in the country’s financial sector. According to data provided by AMFI, the industry manages assets worth INR 40.8 lakh crore as of 2023, up from 0.79 lakh crore in 2003.

Mutual Fund Distribution Testimonial - Col Tandale

At a time when mutual fund investments have just started catching peoples’ attention, it is important that people from this industry put efforts to maintain and grow this interest by helping as many people to invest in mutual funds. Evidently, mutual fund distributors have an important role to play in this. 

Here’s an interesting fact! People in India are increasingly investing in mutual funds, making it one of the top investment choices in the present day. As on 30th November 2022, the Asset Under Management (AUM) of Mutual fund Industry is 40,37,561 Crores. The AUM is expected to grow up to 100,00,000 Crores by the end of 2030. As we see, the mutual fund industry has tremendous potential to grow multifold, as the penetration of mutual funds investment in India is still low.

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